I am an artist working across multiple media and disciplines. My videos, sculptures and installations have been exhibited at galleries, project spaces, film festivals and cultural institutions internationally. Under the name Oa4s (On all fours; collaborative with Michael Ray-Von) I have made exhibitions, performance projects, film productions and publications. A CV including an exhibition history here.

I am interested in narrative conventions and the forms that telling can take. In my 'stories' however I forgo most of what is conventionally considered necessary, to work with the bare bones of shape and affect. I try to do this in an opening kind of way.

I graduated from the School of Film/Video at CalArts with films that combine fiction and documentary. I attended workshops at the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard University and Rosi Braidotti Summer School in Posthuman Ethics at Utrecht University. I am currently at the University of Amsterdam pursuing a research degree in Media Studies.

For and with others, I've worked as a camera operator, film editor and director on numerous films and videos. I have also collaborated on programming exhibitions, film screenings and readings at art spaces, cultural institutes and cinemas. I help run an artist residency program, KAMEN, in the south of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Portfolio upon request. Full CV upon request.

Reach me at temrapavlovic at gmail dot com.