Oa4s (On all fours, with Michael Ray-Von)
Se3lected works, 2013 –

Spirit Butterfly X, Lodos Gallery, Mexico City, 2018

The Fencer and the Beekeeper: A treatise of the mechanics of engagement of two discrete objects in space and the miracle of collaboration outside time, 1857, Oslo, 2016

True Butterfly, Chin's Push, Los Angeles, 2016

"Peering off the cliff, I can see my face looking back at myself in the water below. (Mother, bring my soul to a foreign country). I imagine myself flying to meet myself there, blue pee booping, dopey scooby would you believe, baby? Rocking back and forth, I open my eyes and see a blue bird. She looks so pensive."
Special Features, Lodos Contemporaneo, Mexico City, 2013 PDF