T2018 je t'aime

Oct 13 – Nov 11 2018

Kantine, Brussels

List of works

Much is communicated, very little understood, and even less utilized, steel, paper, oil paint, epoxy clay, ~260 x 120 x 45 cm

Flower glass, paper, glass, hardware, 110 x 71 x 45 cm

All I know is that we should be having problems with photography, video, loop 16 min, plaster, 110 x 61 cm


Stack of double sided photographs, Red (C:13 M:99 Y:67 K:1), stack of A4 print paper

Finissage: 11 November 2018 readings and sound performances by Noah Barker, Ivan Cheng, Perri MacKenzie, Becket Mingwen, Rin Suemitsu (Golin), Marnie Slater, Natasha Soobramanien


Thank you Kevin Gallagher, Perri Mackenzie, Stefan Pavlovic, Studio TeYosh