T2018 je t'aime

Kantine, Brussels

Oct 13 – Nov 11 2018

List of works

T could stand for many things; tea, time, testosterone and so on. I like to think that three fingers of T get me seeing through time.

Je t'aime means I love you in French, which brings me to Paris, the Eiffel tower, and so on – places I don't know very well. Here T stands for You, the most mystical of pronouns 1. You call the past a place and next a storm broke in my mind 2. Make sense by one plus two now.

I was thinking - je t'aime is from now on l'amour toujours. Both more abstract and pointing to music. I could drop this here for now and return to it in 40 – 6 + n days. Also, "I always tell myself to never speak again" from now would be "Could I really never speak again?" Could begin in any number of days now.

Meanwhile, the next day, it takes Mercury 88 Earth days to orbit around the Sun (a year) and 59 Earth days to spin once around its axis (a day). But if we consider a day to be the time between two sunrises, it takes 176 Earth days for the Sun to rise, set and reappear in the same place in the sky on Mercury. In which case a day lasts more than two years.

Much is communicated, very little understood, and even less utilized
steel, paper, oil paint, epoxy clay, ~260 x 120 x 45 cm

Flower glass
paper, glass, hardware, 110 x 71 x 45 cm

Virusflowerclock, carved plaster, 35 x 35 x 5 cm

This is a diagram of a retrovirus; a type of virus that carries RNA instead of DNA as its genetic material. In case of most viruses, as it infects a host cell, its DNA is transcribed into RNA (a type of inverse messenger 3), then RNA into protein-coding genes and so on. Retroviruses on the other hand deliver RNA (the negative) into a host cell and with a reverse transcriptase enzyme produce DNA (the positive). Next this DNA is incorporated into the hosts genome with a retroviral integrase enzyme; all enveloped. From then on, the virus' protein-coding information replicates as part of the host cell itself.

1 What hole in the sky or the ground did you, the most mystical of the pronouns, fall or crawl out of? Hannah Black, Written in Parallel with Shug Avery's kiss, Recess Art

2 I read a version of this somewhere – I dont remember where. Ever since, it has stuck in my mind, popping up occasionally, attaching itself to other sentences, insisting its asignificance again and again. The first few times it didn't make sense, until slowly it did.

3 RNA isn't exactly a mirror opposite of a single strand of DNA. There are structural differences, for instance, DNA is made up from the four nitrogen bases A (Adenine), T (Thymine), C (Cytosine) and G (Guanine). RNA substitutes T for U (Uracil).

All I know is that we should be having problems with photography
video, loop 16 min, plaster, 110 x 61 cm


Stack of double sided printed photographs
A4 paper, red: C:13 M:99 Y:67 K:1

Thank you Kevin Gallagher, Perri Mackenzie, Stefan Pavlovic, Studio TeYosh