"Water-like, dig, pig, young sow, sea snail, cowrie shell, the movie." Glass, porcelain, wire. ~8m 35cm. 2019
This is a movie/sculpture about going from one to the other. In latin, the word 'glass' comes from 'water-like.' (The 'I' is a transparent lens of still water.) 'Porcelain' comes from 'cowrie shell,' which comes from 'young sow' because a cowrie shell resembles a young sow's vulva? The word for 'young sow' is the feminine diminuitive of 'pig,' which comes from the verb 'to dig.' (Little feminine diggers washing ashore.)

Achilles can only overtake the tortoise with infinity in his pocket. The language of matter too cannot be reduced to its elements, but needs a pocket of infinity. As a sculpture without a center or an end, and a movie that works by means of the observer, Achilles overtakes.